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Attention On Deck. Now Hear This: The Pentagon Sailing Club will elect a new Bridge on Monday, 16 October 2017.

Fellow Crew Mates, it’s that time of the year to elect new PSC Bridge members. The annual PSC elections will be held on Monday, 16October 2017 during our membership meeting. Please plan to attend and participate if at all possible.  In accordance with the By-Laws, no additional nominations will be accepted after Tuesday, 26 September 2017. Members may, however, write-in candidates for any position that is up for election when they vote.
This year you may cast your ballot online before the day of the election even if you are planning on attending the October Membership meeting.  Online voting begins 9 October 2017 and will be open until 12 PM on 16 October 2017.  All Full-Regular Members in good standing may vote in the election. You may, if necessary, renew your membership online before the election or in person at the 16 October 2017 membership meeting in order to cast your vote. Full-Regular Membership includes both the member and the member's spouse/partner in a family membership so that each may cast a vote in a PSC election.
Proxy votes will also be accepted at the 16 October 2017 membership meeting (where one Full-Regular Member casts a ballot for another Full-Regular Member). The Member casting the proxy vote must have written authorization to cast a vote on his or her behalf.
Open positions/nominees for upcoming election:

VICE COMMODORE: (1) Serve as special assistant to the Commodore. (2) Perform the duties of Commodore in his absence or at his request. (3) Coordinate and oversee the Holiday Party and Awards Dinner and activities. (4) Oversee the Club awards program for volunteers, including the “Frequent Volunteer Sea Miles” program. (5) Manage and maintain currency of Club insurance policies to ensure sufficient liability, medical, hull and machinery insurance for sail training, PSC boat rental, and Club fleet and other property. (6) Conduct all accident investigations and file claims against Club insurance policies. (7) Coordinate efforts to find and use corporate and government sponsors. (8) Oversee annual review and publish changes to the By-Laws, as required.

Nominated Candidates:

  • John O'Connor

TRAINING COMMODORE: (1) Provide overall direction and management for training programs, including designating members to oversee or perform such activities. (2) Provide for individual training courses on all types of sailing activities. (3) Certify the sailing qualifications of Club members. (4) Provide overall direction and management for the PSC Racing Program, including designating members to oversee or perform such activities.

Nominated Candidates:

  • John Laffman

TREASURER: (1) Maintain financial records and prepare reports as required. (2) Receive, record, and deposit payments. (3) Disburse funds based on receipts and approved budget line items. (4) Record transactions with vessels and vehicles. (5) Prepare the annual Club operating budget, with the assistance of Bridge officers, for approval by the Bridge and the membership. (6) File required Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and charter renewal or other forms under the Nonprofit Corporation Act, as required.

Nominated Candidates:

  • Andreas Tudyka

SECRETARY: (1) Prepare official or selected correspondence and reports in support of the Bridge. (2) Maintain in permanent files all official correspondence, meeting minutes, and records of value to the Club, including titles, bills of sale, and duplicate registration documents for vessels and vehicles. Meeting minutes will be retained indefinitely. (3) Record, Distribute and Publish approved Bridge Meetings minutes. (4) Maintain Club governing documents. Publish documents on the website.

Nominated Candidates:

  • Gary Christiansen

MEMBERSHIP COMMODORE: (1) Provide overall direction and management for membership recruitment, retention, and related activities, including designating members to oversee or perform such activities. (2) Promote membership growth by conducting at least one annual membership drive. (3) Coordinate one annual membership meeting to coincide with vote for Bridge. (4) Coordinate monthly socials; including location and speakers. (5) Maintain Ship’s Store (Chandlery); to include Burgees.

Nominated Candidates:

  • Laura Ambrosia
  • Abi Dorhosti
YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT AND COUNTS!  Please contact David Kunselman, Commodore for any/all questions and the current Bridge member for more detailed information about the respective position.       

*Self nominations are encouraged, run nomination by anyone before submitting name.
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