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Pandemic Policy

WHEREAS, Paragraph 7 of the PSC Bylaws requires the Bridge to establish and publish policies and procedures for all programs and activities of the Club.

WHEREAS, the Bridge believes it is in the best interest of the Club, its volunteers and crew members to establish the following Pandemic Policy.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following Pandemic Policy is adopted:

1.    This Policy shall be in effect when the Federal Government or any applicable State or Local Government or regulatory authority including, without limitation, Commander of a US Military base, has issued rules and/or regulations to be followed because of an increased threat of illness from an active Pandemic.  In the event Government rules or regulations require actions more stringent than the rules described in this Pandemic Policy, the Club shall revise this Policy to incorporate those restrictions or may prohibit all sailboat activities in one or more jurisdiction.

2.    Skippers shall (a) insure that all boat passengers including themselves and other crew members are aware of this PSC Pandemic Policy and (b) each crewmember and Skipper has signed the required Assumption, Waiver and Release Agreement before participating in the sail. 

3.    Skippers will insure that the boat surfaces that come in contact with crew members are sprayed and/or wiped down with disinfectant products prior to each sail.

4.    The number of passengers including the Skipper shall not exceed 4 passengers on the Potomac River (Catalina 22s), or 6 passengers including the Skipper on Chesapeake Bay charters of Monohul Sailboats, or 10 people including the Skipper on Chesapeake Bay Charters of Catamaran Sailboats.

5.    The Skipper will take his temperature and the temperature of every crew member prior to stepping on the boat.  The Skipper shall also ask every crew member whether he or she has exhibited cold, flu or respiratory illness symptoms on the day of the sail or in the previous 14 days.  If any crewmember or the Skipper has a temperature of 100.4 F or greater or has exhibited cold, flu or respiratory illness symptoms in the previous 14 days, that person may not sail and is not to step on the boat, even to wipe it down.

6.    The Skipper shall ensure that every crewmember including the skipper is wearing a mask that coverers the mouth and nose at all times while on the boat at dock and while underway.

7.    The level of risk an individual is willing to take in any activity is personal in nature.  The Skipper shall inform each person intending to sail that he or she is responsible for assessing his or her own level of risk when considering sailing with the Club during a Pandemic.

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