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Greetings from the Communications Commodore,

My name is Robert O'Connor, its my pleasure to give back and serve the PSC in the capacity of Communications Commodore.  One of my primary responsibilities is to make sure this website is up to date and to facilitate effective communication for all Club functions. This website is the primary way for the PSC to reach out to the public and attract new members, but this website is very much geared towards serving the membership at-large.

I cordially invite all Club members to provide regular feedback about the website and provide content for the benefit of all.  Send me an email if you have photos or videos to go on the website.  I have a dropbox setup for getting new content on the website, and to avoid issues with sending content by email.  I can't promise that all content will make it on the website, but I will certainly post relevant content that facilitates safe sailing, membership enjoyment, and encouraging Club participation.

I'm open to any ideas to make the website better, although I can't promise that all ideas will be implemented.  Please note that any major changes proposed for the website will be forwarded to the Bridge for consideration, or sent out to the membership at-large for feedback.

I'm happy to talk with anyone offline if you have website questions or if you need help with a website you may be involved with.  I have extensive experience with website management, scripting/coding, SQL development and I'm more then happy to share my knowledge with members who need it.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Robert O'Connor

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