Classroom/Winter Training Program

Winter Training Coordinator: JEANNE Burns

Pentagon Sailing Club offers short courses designed to provide advanced classroom training beyond the Basic Sailing Course and in support of the Bay Skipper program. Bay Skipper Candidates will gain skills and knowledge that will help successfully complete the Bay Skipper qualification program.

Training Benefits: Specialized classes... like sail trim, navigation, anchoring, rules of the road, etc.... all taught by PSC experienced sailors, and aimed at those who want to learn more about sailing beyond our basic sailing classes. Of note, the piloting & navigation classes are part of our ASA 105 (Coastal Navigation) certification course.

Our Winter Training courses are our most popular off-season training events. Make your class reservations today so that you don't miss out! Contact Michael Burns, Winter Training Coordinator, for more information. Registration is easy, just complete the form on the website and pay online. You can use FVSMs for each class.

If you are interested in joining PSC, please contact a PSC Bridge Member or submit a membership application.

Contact our Training Commodore, John Laffman with any questions.


  1. One FVSM coupon may be used per session. 
  2. You may cancel your reservation for a class up to 15 days in advance of the class. However, if you cancel after that date (or if you just fail to show up), please do not expect a refund.
  3. No exams are given following any of these classes. The required Rules of the Road, General Knowledge, and Navigation Exams are given during the Bay Skipper Exam Series session.

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