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River Boat Use Policy

A.  Policy.

1.       It is the policy of the PSC that the primary use of club boats is for recreational sailing.  The boats are owned by the PSC and members are encouraged to use the boats whenever they are not in maintenance, being used for training, or racing.  The River Commodore, in concert with the Boat Captains, is charged with the overall responsibility of making sure the boats are properly maintained, and he/she is the final authority over whether a boat is available for use.

2.        PSC Members who have an American Sailing Association (ASA) 101/103 or US Naval Sailing Association (USNSA) B-KBS (or higher) certification AND have successfully completed a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved Boating Safety Course may reserve and skipper any of the PSC boats that are available for use.  Skippers must carry a current Boating Safety Certificate at all times when sailing a PSC owned or chartered vessel.

3.       Boats are available for rental weekdays, with the exception of the Friday preceding a Basic Sailing Class, and limited availability on Tuesday afternoons due to Racing Squadron activities.  Boats are also available on weekends when there are no classes scheduled and the Racing Squadron has not reserved boats for participation in a weekend Regatta.  See the PSC website for the current events calendar.

4.       Normal Weekend and Holiday boat availability schedule is based on four-hour increments: Morning Period is 0800-1200; Afternoon Period is 1300-1700. Applicable usage rates for partial and full day periods are set annually and are reflected on the online reservation form. Members may use Frequent Volunteer Sea Mile (FVSM) coupons in lieu of payment.

5.       Skippers must adhere to the PSC Wind and Weather and Personal Flotation Device policies posted in the Clubhouse and on the PSC website.  Proposed night sails must be approved by the River Commodore, and the Skippers must have a USNSA “N” (night) rating.

6.       Winter Sailing, from November through March, is the exclusive privilege of the Racing Squadron.  Crewmembers must be PSC Club members and registered members of the PSC Racing Squadron.  There must be a minimum of three crewmembers onboard a vessel, PFDs must be worn at all times, and Jacklines must be rigged.  Any crewmember leaving the cockpit will wear a harness with a tether and be attached to the jackline.  There will be no night sailing from November through March. 

7.       Although the PSC boats are insured, the Skipper is liable for paying the insurance deductible should he/she damage the boat.

8.       Any Skipper who fails to properly return a boat or its equipment to the reasonable satisfaction of the respective Boat Captain, will be denied further use of the PSC fleet until recertified by the River Commodore.

B.  Procedures.

1.       Members wanting to skipper a PSC boat must submit a reservation request at  Boats are available on a first come/first served basis; verification of the reservation by the PSC boat scheduler must be received prior to use of the boat.

2.       All Skippers and crewmembers must fill out and sign a River Release Form before going out in a boat for the first time each year.  Release forms are available on the PSC website and in the Clubhouse.  If in doubt, fill one out.

3.       Skippers shall ensure the front and back of a Float Plan are completely filled out and posted in the Clubhouse each time a boat is taken out.  The completed Float Plan shall be filed in the applicable boat’s binder when the boat is returned (see item 7 below).

4.       Skippers shall ensure the boat log book containing the boat’s registration and all required safety equipment are onboard before leaving the dock.  Handheld radios must be turned on and tuned to Channel 16 at all times when underway.

5.       Skippers are responsible for the proper operation of the boat, and the safety and conduct of their crewmembers while at the dock and underway.  Any grounding, collision, personal injury requiring medical attention, or other serious mishap must be reported to the River Commodore or other available PSC Bridge member as soon as possible upon returning to the dock.

6.       At the completion of boat use, Skippers shall ensure all equipment onboard is properly stowed, and the handheld radio and boat log book are returned to the Clubhouse.  The gas cans shall not be removed from the boats and fuel lines shall remain attached to motors.

7.       Skippers shall ensure boat status, including the amount of fuel left in the fuel tank, is recorded on the float plan upon return.  If a malfunction renders the boat unusable, contact the River Commodore and/or respective Boat Captain immediately via phone.  Phone numbers are posted in the Clubhouse.  This is to ensure the boat is repaired in time for its next use in the Training or Racing program.


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