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You've checked out our training program and our sailing events, and you've figured out that PSC is the best value in recreational sailing in the area. Read on to find out how to join us. You are always welcome to come to one of our membership meetings, and to contact the Membership Commodore for more information! 

Privileges of Membership

    Membership in Pentagon Sailing Club allows you to participate in Club cruises and social sails, sub-charter or rent Club boats, participate in classroom training or on-the-water training (Bay or River), vote in the affairs of the Club (Full-Regular Members only), hold elected office (Full-Regular Members only), and to receive the Club newsletter.  The club cannot guarantee that non-military members will be able to access Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling which may occasionally prevent non-military members from participating in events and classes there.

    Of course, membership also allows you to experience the exhilaration of sailing, and to enjoy the beauty of our rivers and bays in the company of great folk.

Membership Types

    Regular Membership. Full-Regular Membership is available to active duty, retired, and reserve US military personnel and their spouses, Civilian employees of the Department of Defense (DoD) and their spouses, and others with a demonstrated interest in Club objectives when sponsored as candidates for membership by regular members.

    Limited-Regular Membership, at reduced dues, are available to people eligible to be full-regular members, but who reside more than 100 miles from the Pentagon.

    Family-Regular Membership are available to the Regular Member's dependent children and spouse. It establishes both adults of a married couple as "Full-Regular Members."

    Honorary Membership. Honorary members may be nominated by officers of the Bridge as special recognition for an extraordinary contribution to the Club in particular, or to the sport of sailing in general. Initial honorary membership is subject to ratification by a majority of voting members at any general membership business meeting. Honorary members are reconfirmed by the Bridge annually.

Children and Bona Fide Guests

    Children and bona fide guests are permitted at any Club activity when accompanied by a regular member who is accountable for them. All fees for participation of children and/or guests of a member are paid by the member.

Membership Information & Application Forms.

    New members only!  Click here to go to a printable copy of the PSC New Member Membership Information and Application Form.  Print a copy of the form, complete the information, and mail it along with the applicable membership and training fees to the address provided on the form.

    Current member renewals!  Click here to go to a printable copy of the PSC Membership Renewal Application Form.  Print a copy of the form, fill in the required information, and mail it along with the applicable membership and training fees to the address provided on the form.

    See the PSC Rate Schedule pages for new membership and renewal rates.


PSC Ship's Store by Leslie, Our Club Chandler
    PSC Burgees, Polo Shirts, Tote Bags, etc.

Order Burgees directly from the Membership Commodore at our monthly membership meetings and purchase personal items at your convenience through the internet on the Pentagon Sailing Club Lands’ End Business Outfitters home page at:

The Pentagon Sailing Club has PSC burgees and PSC logo items available for our members.  This service is not a moneymaking operation, but a service for our members.  The PSC Bridge working collaboratively with Lands’ End offers members the opportunity to purchase quality merchandise [shirts, tote bags, hats, etc.] with Bridge approved club logo’s. Ordering on-line is simple through the internet at a club unique website. The PSC home page at Lands’ End Business Outfitters can be reached through the internet at: CAUTION: There is an underscore, not a space, between “pentagon” and “sailing” and again between “sailing” and “club.”

The Bridge encourages members to wave the Pentagon Sailing Club flag – by purchasing clothing and accessories through Lands’ End with the Pentagon Sailing Club logo. Members can select items to wear for every season and order them directly from the convenience of their home. Consider purchasing gifts for special occasions, birthdays and holidays. Items make a great conversation piece and a way to attract new members to our FANTASTIC organization.

 Check this Link to learn how to order Land's End Merchandise


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