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Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Join the Pentagon Sailing Club (PSC)?

While PSC membership is open to all, it is a military affiliated club and people without military affiliation may not be able to access events held on military bases.  If you are looking for a group that knows how to have fun on the water; if you want to learn to sail or improve your skills as a sailor; if you just want to ride on boats; the Pentagon Sailing Club is the club for you. No experience is necessary and you don't need to own a boat.

Why Pentagon Sailing Club (PSC)?

Pentagon Sailing Club's objective is to encourage the development of seamanship skills and to provide opportunities for sail training, recreational sailing, and related activities to club members. The club's robust training programs are aligned to meet these goals. Certifications are available at several levels. Basic sail training is provided on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, and advanced cruising training is provided on the Chesapeake Bay.

Is the Pentagon Sailing Club certified to teach sailing classes?

Yes, Pentagon Sailing is an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified training facility.

What if I just want to learn to sail?

Join the Pentagon Sailing Club and take the Beginner Sailing Course (ASA 101 & 103 combined) to learn the basics.

Do I need to join the Pentagon Sailing Club in order to take a course?

Yes, membership is required to participate in all club activities (members may bring guests to many activities and we encourage prospective members to attend our Monthly Membership Social Meetings to meet our club members, and learn more about the club.
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Where are the sailing classes taught?

During the Pandemic  all of our club basic sailing classes are taught at the Washington Sailing Marina located off of the George Washington Parking near Alexandria [normally we operate out of Capitol Cove Marina on the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) – formerly Bolling AFB, located just south of downtown Washington DC]. Our advanced sailing classes are typically taught on the Chesapeake Bay out of Annapolis, MD.

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May I sign up for a particular basic sailing class?

Absolutely, but class seats are reserved on a first come, first serve basis based on online registration. When the class schedule opens up registration will be available for current members first. A class cannot be reserved prior to receipt of full payment.

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I'm interested in learning to sail, but the class I want is already full. Is there a waitlist for full classes?

Yes, we can waitlist you for a particular class; however, we tend to have very few cancellations.

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I have a significant conflict (e.g., active duty, TDY travel, etc.) during one of the weekends of the class I want to take. May I spread my class sessions across two or more classes?

Yes, with prior approval from the Training Commodore, you may schedule your class sessions across multiple classes as long as you follow this sequence:

  • First weeknight ASA 101 (Classroom)
  • First weekend ASA 101 (On-the-Water)
  • Second weeknight ASA 103 (Classroom)
  • Second weekend ASA 103 (On-the-Water)
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Why doesn’t PSC schedule classes in August?

We don’t schedule classes in August, because it is very hot, there is frequently no wind on the Potomac River, and many folks go on vacation. This is also the month we typically sponsor a sailing trip to the BVI or other remote locations.

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If I take a sailing course elsewhere, may I become a member and use the boats of the Pentagon Sailing Club?

With the approval of the Training Commodore, you may challenge our basic sailing course without having to take our classes if you have equivalent sailing qualifications to ASA 101/103 or equivalent experience.

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Does PSC own any boats that can be used for sailing?

Yes, PSC owns four ~22’ keelboats. During the Pandemic, they are sailed from the Washington Sailing Marina. Typically (and during the off-season) they are located at the Capitol Cove Marina at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, DC. You can check out any of these boats to sail after successful completion of the basic sailing course.

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Do you accept credit cards?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover debit/credit cards through our website.  

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I am looking to buy a sailboat. What qualifications should I have?

If you are looking to buy a boat, recommend you join the Pentagon Sailing Club and take the Beginner Sailing Course  to learn the basics. Should you then decide to pursue advanced sailing skills/qualifications, then you can join USNSA or ASA, and pursue their certification tracks.

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What Are Frequent Volunteer Sea Miles?

The PSC is an organization run by volunteers, so we need volunteers to help in every single function we provide for our members! The “Frequent Volunteer Sea Miles” (FVSM) Program compensates our members with coupons for the time they volunteer to help the club. Members volunteer their time to work at the marina, help maintain the PSC boats, instruct in the sailing classes, etc. FSVM coupons can be redeemed for use of the river boats, trips on the Bay, or for other PSC activities like the Holiday Party!

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Just What IS a Raft-Up?

The PSC usually schedules sailing trips on the Chesapeake Bay during the three-day holiday weekends. We call these flotillas "raft-ups" because we tie the boats together, like a raft, when we anchor the first night in a cove on the Chesapeake Bay. The second night we stay at a marina, visit the local town, and party together in a restaurant. Raft-ups are great fun and an opportunity to explore the Chesapeake Bay with experienced PSC skippers, while crewing on a large sailing yacht.

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