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PSC Wind and Weather Policy


WHEREAS, Paragraph 7 of the PSC Bylaws states, “Legislative and executive control of the Club, and custody of its funds and property, shall be the responsibility of a board of directors comprised of elected officers, collectively designated as the Bridge. The Bridge shall operate by simple majority as the policy and legislative body of the Club, with duties and responsibilities as defined in this paragraph and in paragraph 8.

WHEREAS, Paragraph 7a of the PSC Bylaws states, “The Bridge shall establish and publish policies and procedures for all programs and activities of the Club."

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the “Wind & Weather” is adopted and has the following terms of reference:

  1. Skippers must continuously and carefully monitor weather conditions and shall take early measures to ensure boats are securely docked with fenders rigged and the crew off the docks at the JBAB marina before storms, and especially thunderstorms, pass over the area. If the skipper has authorization to operate the boat outside of the local operating area the skipper shall take early action to ensure the boat is docked at a safe location.

  2. Skippers who only have a B-KBS + rating shall not take PSC boat out when sustained winds are equal to or greater than 16 knots (18 mph). (see paragraph 4)

  3. No PSC owned boat shall be taken from its slip when sustained winds are 20 knots (23 mph) or greater or with gusts 23 knots (26mph) or greater. (see paragraph 4)

  4. Wind readings shall be determined as reported by National Airport.

  5. No PSC owned boat shall be taken from its slips when a thunderstorm is present or imminent (i.e. highly likely to occur within 30 minutes).

  6. No PSC owned boat shall be taken from its slips when a Special Marine Warning is in effect for the area between the Key Bridge and Indian Head, MD.

  7. Any PSC owned boat that is on the water when a Special Marine Warning is issued for the area between Key Bridge and Indian Head, MD must immediately lower and start the engine, lower and secure sails, and proceed to the nearest port (which may not be JBAB marina) until the storm passes.

  8. All skippers shall obtain a current local weather report and tide information. The local weather report shall include current observations, forecast, and advisories obtained via reliable means (website, television, telephone, radio, etc.). Small craft advisories are often posted for a wide area of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Skippers may proceed under wide-area small craft advisory conditions if the current local conditions and forecast for the duration of the planned time on the water does not exceed allowable wind and weather conditions as stated above for the skipper’s rating and experience level.

  9. All skippers shall consider their own experience, experience of their crew, seaworthiness of the craft, and weather conditions at a minimum. A decision to sail in questionable conditions may unnecessarily put PSC boats at risk, and more importantly put the lives of the skipper and crew at risk. All skippers are encouraged to use good judgment when making the decision to sail.

  10. For formal PSC training events, the lead instructor shall determine wind and weather restrictions within the above guidelines and may impose more stringent guidelines for the safety of students in training.

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