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Sailing Opportunities

Pentagon Sailing Club regularly offers sail training and recreational activities to its members throughout the season.  Take a look at the River, Bay, and Racing opportunities pages for full information.  Continue reading below for a few featured highlights.


Become part of our racing squadron and enjoy the camaraderie, friendly competition, and spirited sailing on many Tuesday nights.  You will also hone your skills, gain sailing experience and confidence, and are invited to share a bite to eat back at the clubhouse.

Social Sails

When volunteer skippers are available and there is interest from the membership, we host free social sails for members on Wednesday nights.  Come down to the Capital Cove Marina, meet your skipper and fellow crew for the evening, and head out onto the water for a few hours of fun.  Once you're back to the dock, feel free to head over to the Slip Inn for a bite to eat or refreshing drink with fellow members before heading home.  Tell them we sent you.

Raft Ups

Who doesn't want to get together with fellow members, friends, and family for a long weekend of recreational sailing and boat related fun?  We charter a boat (or two if there is enough demand and availability) and invite members with their own boats to sail out on the Chesapeake Bay during the day, then come together at night.  Typically, one night is spent with the boats at anchor, tied up together into a raft and a party ensues, while the other night is spent in a marina and we socialize at an area restaurant.  These happen twice a year, the Memorial Day Raft Up (MDRU) in May and the Labor Day Raft Up (LDRU) In September.  Check the events calendar and be ready when registration opens since these are very popular and fill up quickly.

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