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ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising

The club offers ASA 104 about two times per year. Folks looking to take the ASA 104 training have logged some time on the water and are considering chartering a boat. Prerequisites include ASA 101/103 and 80 hours of sailing time.

Upon completing this course, you can skipper a sloop-rigged, auxiliary-powered keelboat of approximately 30 to 45 feet in length during a multi-day cruise upon inland or coastal waters in moderate to heavy winds (up to 30 knots) and sea conditions.

Curriculum topics include:

        • Provisioning
        • Galley Operations
        • Boat Systems
        • Advanced Sail Trim
        • GPS
        • Emergency Operations
        • And Much More...

Boat: 30' - 40' Charter Sailboat

Location: Port Annapolis 

Course Format:

        • 2 Weekend days, 1 Stopover (No Night Sailing)
        • Students Will Provision the Cruise
Course Includes:
        • ASA Textbook

Course Certification Awarded:

American Sailing Association 104 Bareboat Cruising

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