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Raft Ups

What's A Raft Up?

It's a PSC sailing trip on the Chesapeake Bay scheduled during one of the three-day holiday weekends.  We call these sails a "raft-ups" because we tie the boats together, like a raft, when we anchor the first night. The Club boat is joined by other PSC members who own their own boats, and our rafts can build to more than a dozen boats! The second night we usually stay at a marina and enjoy dinner together in a local restaurant. On the third day, we rise in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast, and set sail for our home ports.

Who can participate?

Any PSC member or a guest of a PSC member can go on the Club's raft ups.  NO SAILING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!


Raft-ups are great fun, and an opportunity to get to know  fellow PSC members better, crew on large sailing yachts, and explore the Bay with experienced PSC skippers.


How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a raft up varies in price primarily based on the boat the Club charters. Please see the event page for the cost for the Memorial Day Raft Up (MRDU) or the Labor Day Raft Up (LDRU). 
Please note: that the price listed account only for the cost for chartering the boat. Each crew shares the cost of common expenses for the weekend, such as provisions, fuel, pump outs, marina fees, and the cost for your Sunday evening meal.


May I Use Frequent Volunteer Sea Mile Coupons?

Yes! Members who have accrued Frequent Volunteer Sea Miles by volunteering at PSC events can use up to two FVSM coupons to offset their cost.


What Should I Bring on a Raft-up?

While you will need to tailor what you bring on a raft-up based upon the weather conditions and where the boat might tie up on Sunday, a general list of items is listed in the Seabag Inventory.

Have any information for Raft-Up Coordinators?

The Raft-Up Coordinator should review the Raft Up Coordinator's Checklist and the PSC Raft Up GuidelinesBoth contain useful information on planning and executing a raft-up.  


How About Boat Owners?

PSC Members with their own boats are encouraged to join us at no charge. Please notify the Raft-Up Coordinator early so that marina and restaurant reservations can be made.
Please provide your boat's name, LOA (including bow pulpits, swim platforms, etc), beam, draft, power requirements and cell phone number to allow a us to make marina reservations.


I'm a Skipper, How Does the Raft-up Process Work?

If you are the Skipper of Record (SOR), please review the details on how to enter and depart a raft which is provided in the PSC Raft Up Guidelines! Please use the PSC Joint Venture Agreement for your crew, as you would in a regular bay sail.

Where have PSC Rafted Up in the past?
See a list of Past Raft Up Locations and get a sense of where the weekends take us.
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