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Pick the General Cruising Area of the Bay and General Route

Select marina and restaurant

·        List alternative marinas and restaurants. Select pair close together or arrange for transport
·        Call for information on reservation openings, costs, deposits, POCs, times, menus
·        Pick alternate marina if necessary
·        Contracts and deposits at restaurant and marina
·        Arrange for microphone and speakers if needed in restaurant
·        Coordinate with Bay Commodore (BC) and Treasurer to have deposits authorized and paid

Select river or anchorage for Saturday evening

Determine charter boat options with Bay Commodore

·        Develop budget for BC
·        Receive rate and payment schedule from BC
·        Receive charter and season boat list from BC
·        Ensure boat deposits are made. Coordinate with BC and Treasurer to have deposits authorized and paid

Ensure final payments are made to charter company

Ensure all crew have paid their invoices

Make crew assignments list

·        Coordinate with Training Commodore (TC)
·        Ask skippers who they want or don't want on their boat
·        Ask crew for their preferences for skippers and crewmates
·        Balance crews along experience and gender

Develop an Owner-Boat List

·        Ask Owners to join RU, dinner, and marina
·        Collect boat names, skippers, crews and contact numbers

Develop RU packages for skippers & owners

·        Raft Up captain designation
·        Raft Up coordinator designation
·        Raft Up co-coordinator designation (if any)
·        Collect boat names, skippers, crews and contact numbers
·        Print Joint Venture Agreements
·        Obtain boat specifications and diagrams
·        Write VHF radio procedures
·        Develop list of marina contact information and location
·        List restaurant phone number, location, including ground transportation, if needed
·        Cruise route directions
·        Provide crew package to skippers
·        Saturday night RU directions
·        RU anchorage location (name, Lat/Lon), meeting time and entering protocols
·        RU theme directions
·        Specifics for Saturday and Sunday night
·        Theme materials per boat

Saturday Night Raft Up Directions

·        Anchorage location (name, Lat/Lon), meeting time and entering protocols
·        Designate Raft Captain
·        Raft Up Configuration
·        Entering Raft Up Protocols
·        Foul weather plan
·        RU theme directions, rules and materials
·        Costumes
·        Food

RU Dinner at Restaurant - Sunday

·        Marina Costs, contact Info, Location
·        Restaurant Costs, Gratuities, Time,
·        Location, Menu, Transportation
·        Costume directions
·        Coordinate Entertainment
·        Coordinate Special Events/Toasts
·        Obtain Party Favors
·        Prepare Restaurant/Theme/MC's Script
·        Prepare Commodore's Address
·        Obtain Prizes
·        Outline the events of the evening in the restaurant and what the MC should be saying, doing, etc.
·        (Also, see special events, above.)
·        Give Commodore something to say about the event and raft up, individual "thank yous" to the raft up coordination team, and something nice about the club and what is coming up in future club events.
·        For Best Boat Decoration on Saturday, Best
·        Costumes on Sunday, Best Navigation Score, etc.


·        Emails twice per month -- emphasize theme and early bird discount rates, berths still open, theme prizes, etc. New and old members, experience not needed.
·        Newsletters once per month -- emphasize above, and update on route, marina, and restaurant
·        Membership Meeting -- Same
·        Membership Drive -- Flyers and
·        Prompts for Discussions
·        Flyers/Pitch at each WTP Session
·        Basic Sail Training Classroom
·        Sessions (2 per class)
·        April, May, June, and Sep
·        Classes
·        Flyers and pitch at evening's classroom session
·        Discussions during OTW training
·        Website -- Flyer, change as necessary -- update
·        Members with boats -- emails and phone calls
·        More Frequent emails 45 - 30 days way from the event ~ weekly.
·        Email Skippers and Crew about Club Membership Meeting to Discuss Raft Up Plans for each boat. Also, advise to bring money for dinner and slip.

Order & Pick up

·        Prizes
·        Party Favors
·        Game Materials
Party Favors & Game Materials
·        Materials for Theme
·        Party favors at Dinner, Sunday
·        Name Tags (both evenings) with Theme Graphics

In General, at the Skipper's Meeting at the Membership Meeting before the Raft Up.

Raft-Up Coordinator cover all preparations in place and elements of the crew package and joint venture agreement with skippers, except the raft up details.

Raft-Up Captain should explain to all skippers the raft-up anchorage, protocols for entering the raft up, raft-up configuration, foul weather plan, and VHF radio procedures and channel. Answer questions about the planned route for the weekend.

Raft-Up Coordinator: you want to collect money for dinner and slips before the raft up to minimize the amount of money you might get "stiffed." Collect at this meeting. Skippers will be meeting

Email/Conduct Meeting with Skippers

·        Email as much as possible to Skippers at least a week before Membership meeting so they can make their crew packages.
·        Walk through the entire plan for the weekend. Have a long-range wx
·        forecast available.
·        At Membership meeting, hand out one copy of these materials. Plus, hand out unique or new materials and lists in enough quantity for
·        crews too.
·        Collect money for Dinner that night, if so planned.
·        Collect money for Slips that night, if so planned.
·        (Ask Skippers to front as much money for absent crew as possible to minimize collections during the raft Ups.)
·        KEEP UP WITH LAST MINUTE CREW CHANGES AS BEST AS POSSIBLE. Remember, no refunds, unless for a very good reason, approved by the Bridge. Dropping crew must find a replacement.

During raft up

·        Appoint some people to take photos for the newsletter (NL). (Digital photos get to the NL editor faster)
·        Keep track of who comes and doesn’t.
·        At Marina, check in with Office and give them latest status of incoming boats.
·        Before dinner, establish contact with the restaurant POC.
·        Arrange for Microphone and speakers if needed in restaurant.
·        Collect any dinner money not already paid.
·        Settle up with Restaurant

Follow-Up Action After Raft Up

·        Make final report to BC and Treasurer
·        Make a lessons learned report to the
·        Bay Commodore.
·        Submit an article and photos to the
·        Newsletter Editor.
·        Plan to Mentor another Person Next Year.

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