Chesapeake Bay Sailing

Welcome, the PSC 2019 sailing season is under way!

The 2019 bay sail schedule is now available below.

Below you are provided discussion and information on:

  • Bay Sailing opportunities (see below)
  • Raft up Information:
    • What is a raft up?
    • Where has the PSC rafted up in the past?
    • Who can and should go?
    • Raft up costs and discounts
    • Information for boat owners
    • Information of boat skippers
    • Information for raft up coordinators
    • Information on Memorial Day Raft Up (MDRU) and Labor Day Raft Up (LDRU)

The list below has all bay sail events that we currently have scheduled for the rest of 2019.  Each sail hasspecific information on the sail, which includes cost, Skipper of Record (SOR), and a button to register/pay for the sail.

I look forward to sailing with you on one of the sailing events or seeing you across the lifelines on other boat.  But, if you have additional questions or need more information, please email me at or any PSC Bridge member!

Bay Sail Schedule

No events available

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