Classroom/Winter Training Program

Pentagon Sailing Club offers short courses designed to provide advanced classroom training beyond the Basic Sailing Course and in support of the Bay Skipper program. Bay Skipper Candidates will gain skills and knowledge that will help successfully complete the Bay Skipper qualification program.

Rules of the Road

Navigation rules are the law! Learn "steering and sailing rules"

for sailing and power vessels.

Diesel Engines and Components

Learn basic Diesel engine operations and how to maintain maintenance on auxiliary diesel engines.

Boat Systems

Learn about basic sub system operations, how to maintain

them and how to operate them safely.

Piloting and Navigation

Team PSC will help you learn, lines of position, dead reckoning, ranges, estimated positions, running fixes, and danger bearings.

Heavy Weather Sailing

Bad weather at sea can generate fear and uncertainty, sap morale and lead to poor decision making - but it doesn’t need to!

Basic Celestial Navigation

Learn to apply basic celestial navigation theory and practice

to determine latitude and longitude at sea using a sextant.

Anchoring, Rafting and Chartering

This class covers essential knowledge for

anchoring, rafting and chartering.

Intermediate Celestial Navigation

Prerequisite: Basic Celestial Navigation

This class takes you from the basic sun reduction to moon, planets and stars sights.


  1. One FVSM coupon may be used per session. 
  2. You may cancel your reservation for a class up to 15 days in advance of the class. However, if you cancel after that date (or if you just fail to show up), please do not expect a refund.
  3. No exams are given following any of these classes. The required Rules of the Road, General Knowledge, and Navigation Exams are given during the Bay Skipper Exam Series session.

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