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Cruising with Children

  • 15 Mar 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • 7200 Fullerton Rd, Springfield, VA 22150
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Cruising with Children.

This class will provide important information for PSC parents, grandparents, Bay skippers and other members who may want to bring a youngster along either on a private boat or a PSC Bay charter. In this training class you will get the information you need to be safe and have fun when having children aboard a 30-50 foot sailboat for a day or two cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sailing is an activity that can be enjoyed throughout a person’s life. It is also recognized as an excellent means to foster inter generational interaction.

Having children aboard a yacht poses a number of joys and challenges. Children have participated in PSC Bay sailing events for a number of years including most recently at the 2018 Labor Day Raft up. Children have primarily sailed aboard PSC members privately owned boats. Children are PSC members through the family membership program. Since children are also members,this is an opportunity to learn what the considerations and rules are if a member wants to bring a person under the age of 18 along. This topic is therefore not only of importance to members with children (e.g. parents, grandparents, etc). It is also of importance to PSC Bay Skippers and PSC members who participate in Bay sails.

In addition to exploring a new training topic (“Cruising with Children”), we are experimenting with holding this event at a kid friendly time and venue. The idea is to encourage members to bring their kids (and/or grand kids, nephews, nieces etc) to a fun event. More specifically, we have arranged to hold this event at the indoor trampoline park Flight Fit N Fun  in Springfield, VA.

At Flight Fit N Fun while the kids are having fun bouncing on the trampolines, one of the parents or guardians would be participating in a panel discussion of 60 minutes on "Cruising with Children;" in one of the Flight Fit N Fun party rooms.

Four panelist have been recruited from PSC members who have recent experience with kids on boats. Our panelists have experience with different age groups from toddlers through teens. There will be ample opportunity for you to share your experiences and to ask questions.

Current list of panel members and age groups/areas are:

Laurie Flanagan: Teens
Rose Conde, Kindergarten and pre-schoolers.
Molly Kunselman: Elementary and middle schoolers
Tim Christenson: Senior Bay Skipper Perspective

John O’Connor will serve as Panel moderator.

For this event, as always, parents/guardians remain responsible for appropriate supervision of their youngsters.

For our members without cars, Flight Fit N Fun is a short Uber ride from the Springfield Metro Station.

Since youngsters and youngsters at heart will be bouncing on trampolines, we will not be having food or beverages at this event.

Our alternate date in the event of inclement weather is the next Friday, March 22nd also at 1800.

All persons entering the Flight Fit N Fun facility must sign a waiver form even if you are just participating in the class and not using the trampolines. The waiver form can be completed in advance on the Flight Fit N Fun web site or at the door.

Class Registration covers the class only. Cost for using the trampolines is $20 per person and is a separate charge payable at the door at Flight Fit N Fun. “Trampoline Bouncers” must wear trampoline “bouncing” socks. Bring your own or purchase them at Flight Fit N Fun for $3.

Location:Flight Fit N Fun, 7200 Fullerton Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

Members may use one (1) FVSM for this class. Please check the FVSM spreadsheet to make sure you have FVSM(s) available before choosing either of these pricing options.

Contact John O’Connor if you have questions.

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