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  • 07 Aug 2019 2:09 PM
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    Deleted user

    Greetings!  We are in the  process of moving our 22 foot keelboat from North Carolina to its new home in Quantico.  We are wondering how much we should worry about bottom-painting her before we put her in.   The bottom was Teflon painted a few years ago and not sailed since, and that remains in very good condition. But we don’t know whether we need to paint over good Teflon with anti-fouling bottom paint?  just how much of a problem is marine life in the area?   Any thoughts on just how much we should be concerned with barnacles and the likes between DC and the Bay, which is where she will spend most of her time ? Thank you- appreciate any and all advice!

  • 14 Oct 2019 7:55 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    First, you should de-anonymize your self on the forum for members.  We have instructions.

    As for the painting question, it depends on how much of the time you plan to keep her in the water.  At Quantico, the water is right on the verge between sweet and brackish.  You probably won't have much of an issue with barnacles, but if she is in the water all summer she will get green growth.  You can brush most of that growth off while she is in the water, but you won't be able to get the keel.  It probably does not matter unless you are racing.  If you are racing, you can get a sort of gigantic towel that you used to clean her undersides while in the water, but you would probably be better off dry-sailing her.

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