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  • 16 Feb 2019 7:17 PM
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    Robert (Administrator)

    Ahoy PSC,

    I have two kids, 9 and 4.  Until last season I hadn't really brought them along to sail for a varying list of reasons, all of which weren't good reasons.  Because it boiled down to a lack of experience with having kids come along.  But, when I brought my son to the LDRU in the fall, he had a great time.  And that experience put me at ease knowing that bringing young children along is not only fine, but it creates an opportunity to spend quality time my kids and teach them something new.

    I attached a pic of my son at the helm of a 45' vessel - pretty cool!!  And it was confidence booster for him knowing that he could do something like that.

    Not long after the LDRU we welcomed a boat into the family, and that plan included my kids.  Even with the boat on the hard, my kids had early opportunities to come to the boat, get on board, explore, and have fun on a gravel pile located across the yard.  With the 2019 season fast approaching, my kids are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore the new boat as it goes into the water, ported at HHN and everything in between.  As a parent, I'm excited to be have the opportunity and I'm looking forward to expand my experience with having my kids come along as often as they want.  

    PSC is hosting a Cruising with Children event which is being organized by John O'Connor.  I plan to be at this event, and I will be happy to share stories or compare notes.

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    The Cruising with Children training and social event at 1800 on Friday March 15th is an easy, fun way to get additional information on having kids aboard a 30-50 sailboat on the Chesapeake for 1-2 days. This event is being held at  the kid friendly Flight Fit N Fun trampoline park. Bring your kids, grand kids, nieces etc for a fun evening of bouncing on the trampolines. While the kids are having fun on the trampoline, you can get up to speed on kids on a boat by attending the Cruising with Children class.

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