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  • 22 Jan 2019 2:02 PM
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    Robert (Administrator)

    Forum Etiquette and Guidelines:

    Be respectful of others thoughts and ideas - Foul Language will not be tolerated.  Its OK to disagree with an opinion or post, but please phrase your replies in a respectful and constructive manner.

    To subscribe to a topic or particular post, you must be an active club member.  Interested in Joining?  Please visit our membership section.

    Please don't post anonymously!  The forum is by and for club members, its requested that you make your name available for view by others logged into the forum/website, so other club members can reach you or respond to your posts in a cordial manner.  Its perfectly fine to keep your information anonymous to site visitors who are not logged in.  

    It's not advisable to put personal contact information like phone numbers or address information in your post since all posts are visible to the public.  If you want to invite someone to contact you, then ask inquiring parties to send you a private message. 

    Only active members who are logged in to the forum are able to send private messages to other members.  

    Please don't spam the forum with advertising or material that isn't related to sailing.  If you have items for sale or are looking to purchase second hand please visit our 'Stuff for Sale' section.

    Give credit where credit is due - if you post a picture or article that isn't your's please include a credit line or a link to the owner of the item you are posting.  Topics or posts will be removed if proper credit isn't provided and the PSC receives a copyright complaint.

    The forum is regularly reviewed and monitored.  Pentagon Sailing Club reserves the right to remove any post or topic that conflicts with PSC Policy or deemed inappropriate for this forum at any time without notice.

    Have questions about the forum?  Please contact the Communications Commodore.

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